Samsung Introduces Smart Home for Dogs

Promo image. Samsung

Samsung is at the forefront of the Smart Home world, owning Smart Things, an important smart startup, and manufacturing smart TVs that apparently eavesdrop on you. Perhaps that’s why they are reaching out beyond the human being market and are looking at building smart homes for dogs; it is truly an under-served market where the occupants apparently don't mind being watched or listened to.

dog on treadmill

Samsung/Promo image

Because on the internet of things nobody knows you’re a dog, it has every smart gadget in their $30,000 prototype, recently unveiled at a British dog show, including a treadmill for exercise,

samsung doghouse feeder

Samsung/Promo image

An automated feeder so that master or mistress is now totally irrelevant;

dog in pool

and a hydrotherapy pool.

dog watching tv

Samsung/Promo image

Of course, it has all the latest smart things, including tablets built into the wall to watch the dog show results. The president of Samsung Electronics for the UK and Ireland says:

The Samsung Dream Doghouse looks sleek and modern, featuring the kind of tech the discerning dog of the future will need, from dogs who have social media profiles, to owners who use video calling to check on their pet while away, technology is fast becoming an integral part of everyday life.

For years,we have been saying that tiny houses are the next big thing. Except we thought they were for people. Perhaps if they make this just a little bit bigger....