Salvaged Bathroom Stall Wall and Cables Transformed Into Chic Chair

interweb chair image
The Interweb Collection chair created from salvaged parts in 2011.

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It's always fun to reimagine and upcycle trash into beautiful and useful objects. BRC Designs, the makers of the Binary Chair made from recycled electronics which we showed you last week, are back with a new unusual design -- this time it's a salvaged bathroom stall wall with Coax cables woven as the cushioning.

pile of trash with wood and plastic sheeting

Who'd have thought that that (above) could be turned into that (below). But that's the miracle of upcycling. One of my favorite sayings is that trash is just raw materials in the wrong place. And with designs like this, that saying is acted out and beautiful things are created.

close up of the wire cushion for the Interweb chair

Like the binary chair, I'm not 100% sure I want to sit in this thing. It looks interesting, but I'm not sure how it would actually feel. The weaving is made from the inner core of 1,100 feet of Coax cables, also salvaged, looped through 64 aluminum grounding bars.

interweb chair

The designer states, "The shape of the frame is cut out using a Jigsaw and then each side is sanded for a perfect match. We then heat the plastic with a torch and use sandpaper to bring out its bright blue color. The surface of the plastic is imperfect with deep scratches and marks leftover from when the mill was torn down and beams and bricks pounded the plastic."

The finished project looks amazing, and the fact that it is made from salvaged materials gives it an entirely unique story. I'm certain there are a number of people who would want to buy this for their living space, but the best part is now you know what is possible if you just go out salvaging and drum up new furniture yourself.