S&P's New Low Carbon Index

The New York Stock Exchange is struggling. (Photo: Michael Daddino [CC by 2.0]/Flickr)

Today, the S&P; 500 Index closed down one percent to 676.53. This is less than half of the 52-week high of 1,440.24. The Dow is also down to levels not seen in over a decade. Despite the volatility of the market, there is a growing demand for eco-focused investments. To help answer this demand, Standard & Poor's has announced its newest endeavor, the U.S. Carbon Efficient Index.

"Standard & Poor's is the first independent index provider to offer a broad U.S. market index with an environmental focus, reinforcing our position as the premier provider of global thematic focused indices." With the addition of the S&P; US Carbon Efficient Index to the global thematic family, the series will now cover such green themes as Water, Forestry, Eco and Carbon efficiency." Source: David Blitzer, S&P; - PR Newswire

The companies included in this new index are large cap U.S. companies currently listed on the S&P; 500 that have a relatively low carbon footprint. Some interesting companies are included in the U.S. Carbon Efficient Index including General Motors, Wynn Resorts and Motorola, Inc.