Russian Woman Builds House of 5,000 Glass Bottles

russian bottle building

Photos: via siryoga

Besides shipping pallets, milk and beer crates, glass bottles are another building material that can be cheap, easily collected and reused, like in this house of 5,000 glass bottles built by a woman in Novoshakhtinsk, Russia.

olga queen

According to Oddity Central, Olga Queen spent only a mere six months collecting glass bottles to build the eco-friendly house of her dreams.

olga queen
olga queen

Using a wood frame and concrete construction, the bottles -- which trap air to provide insulation rather than as opposed to losing heat and privacy -- were stacked up to create a quaint house with an attic. Sure, it's not as nutty as this Argentine man's house of 6 million bottles or this beer bottle Buddhist temple, but it goes to show that with a little determination, glass bottle houses don't take much to get off the ground.

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