Runaway Boats Crash Into Bridges and Riverbanks on the Hudson River

Eight vessels barreled down the Hudson River in New York after large chunks of ice caused them to break away from their moorings.

The incident on Jan. 25 sent ships, barges, platforms and more crashing into a couple of bridges and riverbanks near Troy and Albany, causing closures and major traffic delays.

One boat rammed into the Congress Street Bridge, and a four-deck cruise ship, the Captain JP III, got lodged under an Amtrak rail bridge.

Two tugboats were required to free the cruise ship, and dozens of officials from various New York state departments were needed to retrieve all the vessels that had broken free.

Among the loose vessels was a floating restaurant called the Rusty Anchor. One tugboat, the Betty D, came loose above the Federal Dam in Troy and was carried over the dam.

Officials say they believe there was no damage to any of the bridges struck by the boats, which didn't fare as well.

All of the vessels were recovered by Friday afternoon after the choas played out over a six-mile stretch of the river.