Ruff Cycles' Retro Ruffian E-Bike Is Not Just for 'Real Men'

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©. Ruff Cycles

It is quite a sweet ride, but I'd venture to say that any 'real human' would enjoy cruising around on the Ruffian.

In the transition to electric mobility, we're starting to see e-bikes of all stripes hit the market, some of which are affordable yet effective, others which cost a bit more but are packed with features, and yet still others that offer the more affluent buyer a truly unique look and feel for their electric bicycle.

We've featured plenty of both, and while the practical side of my personality really champions the everyday hauler e-bikes (utility or cargo setups) for their ability to replace regular car miles, another part of me wonders how fun it would be to ride around on a stylish nouveau retro (is that even a thing?) electric bike, even if it would only carry one person and wouldn't be nearly as practical as a utility bike.

Ruff Cycles Ruffian e-bike

© Ruff Cycles

If you're also drawn toward fun and funky e-bike designs, take a look at the Ruffian, from Ruff Cycles, which boasts "the power of the strongest BOSCH drive on the market," coupled with a Bosch 500Wh battery in an aluminum frame which pays homage to classic motorcycle designs. The 250W Performance CX motor generates an impressive amount of torque (75Nm), yet the bike has a range per charge of up to 55 miles, so it's practical for more than just neighborhood jaunts, and a 3.5 hour full charge rate keeps 'refueling' time to a minimum.

The bike weighs in at a rather hefty 73 lb (33kg), and features front and rear Shimano disc brakes for stopping power, 3" wide tires for a smoother ride, an adjustable leather spring saddle, fenders, and front and rear LED lighting. The Ruffian also incorporates an internal 8-speed gear hub, and this pedal-assist bike's electric drivetrain is limited in the US to a top speed of 20 mph (32 kph).

Ruff Cycles Ruffian e-bike

© Ruff Cycles

Before I give you the price of the Ruffian, I just had to circle back to the title of this article, which references one sentence on the company's website. That sentence, which starts with the tired old phrase 'real men', then offers what might actually be insightful for other companies looking to sell green solutions to more men. Or not, who knows.

"A high-performance eBike for real men, who don‘t want to make any compromises when it comes to style and quality, with the added benefit of riding a zero-emissions vehicle!" - Ruff Cycles

And now for the not-so-fun side of niche e-bikes: the price. Ruff Cycles set the price for its Ruffian at the rather tidy sum of $6,599, which I guess is worth it if you want to really "Make the streets your stage and be sure to catch the attention of everyone around you!" And honestly, I could see the appeal if you have that kind of cash to spend on a fun ride, but unless there was an option to add a front or rear rack, bikes like this are more of a status symbol than an effective clean transportation solution (although I guess it could do both, especially if coupled with a renewable energy component).