RubyMoon Makes 'Gym-To-Swim' Wear Using Recycled Fabric

©. RubyMoon (used with permission)

After all, why shouldn't you wear the same top to the beach as you do to the gym?

If you've ever tried to simplify your wardrobe, you may realized that multi-purpose garments are a godsend. Having something that can double its function and pair well with other items in your closet makes it easier to live with less, not to mention reducing clutter and freeing up space in your closet.

This is why we're fans of the new collection from RubyMoon, a fitness wear company from the UK that specializes in eco-friendly "gym-to-swim" clothing. Made from ECONYL nylon yarn that's regenerated from old fishing nets and other waste materials, this sporty swimwear transitions smoothly to sweaty gym workouts, and vice versa. They are designed by Jo Godden, a former swimsuit designer for Victoria's Secret and GAP Body, who then founded RubyMoon as a non-profit.

Ruby Moon beach wear

© Ruby Moon (used with permission)

The company values the production of high-quality fabric, maintaining that its clothing is "chlorine and sun resistant for over 100 hours of exposure, lasting twice as long as similar products."

"The fabrics and garments are manufactured by ethical European suppliers and are certified by The Princes Accounting for Sustainability Project to produce 42% less carbon emissions as they journey from drawing board to final product."

What makes RubyMoon's production methods even more impressive is its commitment to social and economic empowerment. It partners with an organization called Lend With Care that gives 100 percent of the company's net profits in the form of micro loans to women in developing countries.

"As a result of these investments, women are financially empowered and provided access to better healthcare, education and nutrition for themselves and their families, lifting themselves out of poverty and poor living conditions. Once the loans are repaid, these are reinvested back into RubyMoon, enabling the growth of the company, and consequently the number of loans that can be offered in the future."

The garments sold on the website are named after these women, such as Leilani, a Filipina who now runs a successful food and souvenir shop, thanks to a loan from RubyMoon.

Ruby Moon beach wear

© Ruby Moon (used with permission)

The product line has only 10 items available right now, but these span everything from reversible bikini bottoms and workout shorts to a sports bra, crop top, long-sleeved rash guard, leggings, and one-piece swimsuit. The company offers free international shipping. You can shop here.