Royal Wedding Featured All-Electric Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero

©. Steve Parsons – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex sent an important message to the masses.

I've said it before, I'm no royalist. And yet I'm delighted when the Queen bans single-use plastic, or the Crown Estate gets seriously into renewables. Not only does it mean direct investment from one of the richest, most powerful institutions in the world. It also, perhaps more importantly, carries immense symbolic value too.

So while I avoided the royal wedding like the plague, I was delighted to hear that it featured a 1968 E-Type Jaguar which has since been converted to all electric power. Here's the moment that the happy couple departed Windsor Castle:

Given that half of my social network appears to have been watching the wedding this past weekend, we probably shouldn't underestimate the power of symbolism like this. If nothing else, even under the most cynical take, the fact that this is a logical choice for a 'power couple' wanting to make a splash is a positive sign for the future of electric propulstion. And the fact it's such a classic, British design icon from the past that's been updated for the 21st Century just adds to cultural power.

I hear the ceremony was pretty nice too. Maybe I shouldn't be such a cynic...