Oh, How Rollie the Armadillo Loves This Pink Toy

For many human babies and small kiddos, there's always that one object that rises above the rest, brings happiness and comfort to any situation. It might be a particular toy, or a beloved blanket, or even an article of clothing. Regardless of the shape it takes, its very presence is a joyful one.

It turns out such objects are not limited to young humans. Baby armadillos also have their favorite toys as well.

This is Rollie, a southern three-banded armadillo, and Rollie loves his little rubber pink teddy bear. The tiny armadillo pounces — as much as an armadillo can actually pounce — on the toy and squirms around on the ground with it. Rollie even seems to almost wrap himself up in the armadillo's trademark ball with the teddy bear in its claws. So cute!

Our favorite moment, however, is right at the end, as Rollie disappears from the frame and seems to think he's sneaking up on the toy and — boom! Armadillo pounce-and-roll!

That's one happy armadillo.