Rolled Wool Felt Stool/Table + Pencil Cup Make for Cute DIY Projects

Rolled Wool Felt Table Base By Masekos Photo
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Photos: Masekos.

Argentine design firm Masekos has a fresh take on the rolled fabric tied with a belt idea: their stool is made with natural wool felt mixed with fabric scraps in the middle, which give the item some color. The piece, which also works as a table thanks to the strength of the material, is of course easy to disassemble and reuse if you ever decide you're done with it.

With the same technique they've come up with a cute pencil cup which seems like an easy DIY project for any group of children. Also 100% biodegradable since it's only wool felt and thread, but probably doable in recovered fabric as well.

Rolled Wool Felt Stool By Masekos Photo

As mentioned, the idea might not be new --we've seen the belt technique with wood too; but both items make for nice DIY projects.

It's also good to see more and more Argentine designers using wool felt, a biodegradable material that is sourced and produced locally.

Thanks to some promotion by organisms such as the Metropolitan Design Center and campaigns such as Prolana, wool felt has been going through a strong revival in the country. Just look at the work by Planar and Oveja Llena (formerly Oveja Verde), to name a few.

Rolled Wool Felt Pencil Cup By Masekos Photo

These products by Masejos are of course also for sale through the studio, which is run by designer Angeles Estrada, former member of Minima Huella.

For more info contact the firm through their website.

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