Rock That Ugly Christmas Sweater (Seriously!)

Who knew your ugly Christmas sweater would end up in a book?. (Photo: Brian Clark Howard)

Most of us have one (even if it’s shoved in the back of the closet somewhere): a hideously ugly sweater that someone, at some point, thought was a good holiday gift. (Some of us may have even bought them for ourselves!) There’s something about the holiday season that brings on the temporary insanity that makes tacky stuff momentarily “fun,” “kitschy” or “festive” (whatever that means). But then the New Year comes and you wonder what you were thinking....

ugly Christmas sweater

Now there’s a way to use (and enjoy) that ridiculous sweater again. Just add some irony to that ugly sweater and all of a sudden it’s even more fun than the first time around.

If you’re needing inspiration (or just need to convince a friend or relative that wearing your hideous holiday knitwear is legitimately a “thing” these days, look no further than the brand-new "Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater" book, which gathers together some pretty darn ugly examples of the genre. It’s a great stocking-stuffer and will definitely get some giggles from all generations at your Christmas gathering.

Family of ugly Christmas sweater wearers

Come on, bust out that crazy-weird holiday sweater and break out the eggnog — the holidays are meant to be fun — and not just for kids! And if anybody gives you any trouble, just tell them that you're responsibly recycling.