MacGyver Actor Richard Dean Anderson Rode 5,641 Miles From Minnesota to Alaska When He Was 17

Promo image. MacGyver

"Probably on a bike he made from toothpicks, paperclips, and some floss."

Here's the cool bike fact of the day, which happens to also be celebrity trivia: According to his IMDB bio page, actor Richard Dean Anderson, best known for his roles as MacGyver and Colonel Jack O'Neill on SG-1, was quite the long-distance cyclist:

"Richard was very much a restless teenager, having had many adventures hitchhiking on the open road. This sense of adventure is most evident from his 5,641-mile bicycle trip from his home in Minnesota to Alaska. Though accompanied by several friends at the beginning of this trip, he traveled the last thirty-three days alone. This experience gave him a more centered sense of direction in his life."

How badass is that?

MacGyver bike ride map

Google Maps/Screen capture

The exact route taken by Anderson is unknown. The map above just shows a semi-random path on Google Maps. I dragged it around until it reached about 5,000 miles, which is still 600 fewer miles than MacGyver rode.

I'll leave you on the classic MacGyver coffin-jet-ski...

Via Reddit, IMDB

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