A Revolutionary New Eco-Material Gets a Kickstart

©. Zeoform

Comprised of just cellulose fibers (from waste paper and pulp) and water, a new eco-material is said to be capable of replacing a variety of other not-so-sustainable materials in everything from building construction and interior design to musical instruments and jewelry.

The material is called Zeoform, and it's formed by grinding cellulose fibers with water (using a patented formula), which duplicates the hydroxyl bonding method used in nature. The resulting material is glue-free, and can be molded, pressed, sprayed, sanded, stained, painted, and made into different densities.

"A revolutionary material made from reconstituted cellulose and water – and nothing else! A patented process converts cellulose fibres into a strong wood-like substance capable of being formed into an unlimited range of products. ZEOFORM is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable and ‘locks up’ carbon molecules from waste into beautiful, functional forms."

In order to bring the wood-like (yet plastic-like as well) Zeoform material from a small pilot plant to a full-fledged revolution in eco-materials, the company has turned to crowdfunding to raise the money for a "Centre of Excellence". The facility would serve as a hub for bringing a variety of resources and knowledge together to further the innovations begun by the company. It would also be the first retail center and showcase for this new eco-material.

"ZEOFORMTM is a ‘game-changing’ technology that will generate a new global industry – much like plastic did in the post-war years. A ubiquitous, eco-friendly material used on all continents in nearly all industries to produce endless, innovative consumer products. The collective attainment of this vision will undoubtedly help transform planet Earth into a more balanced and sustainable environment for all". - Alf Wheeler, CEO