Review: Modibodi 7/8 Recycled Active Legging

A yoga pant that does double duty for your flow.

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Modibodi 7/8 Recycled Active Legging

Treehugger / Emily Cieslak

It’s a monthly dilemma for those who regularly menstruate. What do you wear when you want to hit the gym and you’re on your period? For those who swear by leggings, the go-to option often is a tampon, unless you aren't bothered by panty lines from a pad. But tampons have a high environmental cost, not to mention may not be enough for your heaviest days.

Cue Modibodi’s 7/8 Recycled Active Legging. The Australian brand combines Modifier Technology with recycled nylon to create a legging that holds 3 teaspoons or two to three tampons worth of liquid. I’ve recently tried and fallen in love with Modibodi’s period panties (view at Modibodi), so I was curious to test out the legging version and see if it could live up to my yoga workouts. The female-founded company is big on ending period poverty and aims to donate 100,000 pairs of reusable panties this year to 20,000 people in need through their donation program. They also champion sustainability and use sustainable materials and manufacturing practices. Read ahead for my review and thoughts of Modibodi’s 7/8 Recycled Active Legging.

How to Use: Wash, workout, repeat

Before wearing the leggings for the first time, the brand recommends washing them in cold water to activate the technology in the gusset, or area of leak protection, for maximum absorbency. Depending on your flow, you can wear the leggings alone or double up with a tampon or menstrual cup for extra protection. 

I am 5’3” and typically wear an extra small or small. I received these leggings in a small and they hit me at the ankle despite being meant to be slightly shorter. This usually is the case with leggings and my petite figure, so I wasn’t surprised. Yet I found the pair to be a bit too tight at the hips and waist, which made the gusset sit a little awkwardly on me. I wouldn’t size up though since the leggings would then be too long.

The leggings only come in black and range from XS to 2XL. The design comes with one side leg pocket which is convenient for holding your phone and other essentials. The waist has a control band to keep the leggings from sliding down, letting you do your sun salutations in peace.

Modibodi 7/8 Recycled Active Legging

Treehugger / Emily Cieslak

The Results: Reliable protection

There’s two reasons why I would wear period leggings. One, to eliminate the single-use plastics of wearing a tampon. Two, to look sleek and sporty even while on my period. For my light to moderate flow, the leggings provide the right amount of coverage without the need for extra protection. The feel is similar to wearing a pad or period panty — you can feel the wetness which can take some getting used to if you typically use tampons or a cup. Because you can’t easily replace the gusset like a pad or tampon, I would just change into the leggings before the gym or exercise class and then change out afterwards rather than wear them all day. Plus I have to admit these aren’t the most comfortable leggings I own, so I would only want to wear them for a few hours.

When it comes to sleekness, I was a little disappointed. The leggings have stitching around the crotch area—both in the front and the back. While this may be an essential design feature for the gusset, I feel like it calls extra attention and almost makes me feel like I am wearing a pad and have panty lines anyway. This almost defeats the purpose of wearing leggings with built-in period protection in my mind. If I am working out at home, I don’t mind the design, but if I am doing downward dog in the studio, I’ll stick to my tampon and yoga pants combination.

Materials: Recycled and ethically sourced

The outer layer of the legging is made from 78% recycled nylon from pre-consumer factory waste and 22% elastane. By recycling these textiles, Modibodi eliminates the need to produce virgin nylon and reduces the amount of fabric waste heading to landfill. Plus, recycled nylon is produced without the use of petroleum, saving water, energy and additional carbon dioxide emissions. 

The gusset itself is made from merino wool, polyester, and polyamide. Not only is merino wool renewable and biodegradable, it is moisture-wicking and gentle on sensitive skin. Modibodi sources 95% of its wool from Australian farms, which meet the Responsible Wool Standard and follow the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines. As a natural fiber, the wool manufacturing process doesn’t require the same harsh chemicals as synthetic fibers. Modibodi’s range of products are currently undergoing Oeko-TEX certification.

Like Modibodi’s period panties, the gusset is super soft and absorbent while feeling thin against the body. I was overall impressed with the legging’s fabric — it felt sturdy and high quality without the risk of tears or skin shining through.

Modibodi 7/8 Recycled Active Legging

Treehugger / Emily Cieslak

Packaging: Sustainable

My leggings arrived in a compostable ComPOST parcel bag made from GMO-free renewable plants and compostable resin. The bag avoids 60% of CO2 emissions compared to a traditional plastic parcel bag, according to Modibodi.

The Value: More bang for your buck

For $70, the 7/8 Recycled Active Legging is comparable in price to other performance leggings on the market. Add in the benefit of not having to wear disposable feminine care products, and the value of the product stretches even further. You can also feel good knowing that the leggings are made from recycled materials and have nice features like pockets and a control waist band.

Final Verdict

I truly support the idea of a period legging and believe it can be a game changer in fitness routines and daily life when perfected. But for me personally, I did not find these particular leggings to be the best fit for my body type and would rather wear traditional feminine care products with my everyday leggings for my workout. But each body is different, so you might just find these to be your ideal gym companion.

Modibodi 7/8 Recycled Active Legging

Modibodi 7/8 Recycled Active Legging

Courtesy of Modibodi

Price at time of publish: $70