5 Reusable Water Bottles Better Than Recyclable Paper Bottles

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In the effort to kick the water bottle habit, we’re open to all suggestions on alternative water containers. But that doesn't mean we like anything that isn't a disposable plastic bottle.

There is a new product idea getting attention called the 360 bottle that uses paper instead. But it doesn’t appear to be any sort of ideal solution. While the containers are made of recyclable paper, it is still a disposable product and therefore far more wasteful than any solution we would prefer.

Read on for five better ideas that area already on the market for water bottles. The recyclable paper water bottle is an interesting (and award winning) idea to consider and has a lot of clever elements, like collapsibility for easy transportation. It might be an option to consider for other disposable drink items such as juices that aren't likely to disappear any time soon. Using paper (preferably from sustainable sources and processed greenly) is better than using plastic, after all.

But disposability is still not nearly as green as buying one long-lasting quality item and taking care of it for years of use. Here are five bottle options that we've talked about on TreeHugger that are better than using disposable water containers.

The Kor One

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The WaterGeeks Kid-Friendly BPA Free Water Bottle

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The Portable Glass Water Bottle By Love Bottle

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Back to the Tap's Filtered Water Bottle

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The Klean Kanteen

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