Find Restaurants That Serve Food From Local and Sustainable Sources With This App

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The free Greenease app aims to make it easy to find a cafe or grocery serving foods from local, ethical, and sustainable suppliers.

Your values shouldn't have to go out the window when going out to eat, and this app could help you put your money where your mouth is.

If you care strongly about local and sustainable foods, and would much rather support businesses that sell organic, grass-fed, free-range, or antibiotic-free meats and eggs, and those that offer gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly options, you end up asking a lot of questions before deciding where to go eat. With the Greenease app, you might be able to get that same info with just a few taps, which could make it much easier to pick a place to go eat or shop.

"Greenease is a resource that connects sustainably savvy consumers with restaurants that buy local and/or offer sustainable food options. Want to learn where your food comes from? Start searching on Greenease today!" - Greenease

According to Technically DC, the creator of the platform, Vanessa Ferragut, is a sustainable event planner who came to the conclusion that "local trumps organic" when it comes to eating out. But trying to find place to eat that served local foods by using a service such as Yelp can be frustrating, as searches for the word "local" don't often display restaurants serving local food.

She initially built a "vegan/gluten-free/organic-friendly version of Yelp" for restaurants in the DC area, and then launched the mobile app in both DC and NYC, which currently has listings for some 600 restaurants in the DC area, and about 300 for the NYC area. For businesses that source locally and/or sustainably, a listing is free, as long as the names of their suppliers or farms are provided. Greenease does also offer an optional paid service for listing specials or promotions.

The free mobile app, for both iOS and Android, lets users search by name, by type of cuisine, or by proximity, and then displays the appropriate details and tips from Foursquare users, along with contact info and hours. Greenease currently covers the cities of Washington DC and NYC.

According to the website, Greenease is also working on an application for businesses that will allow the participating restaurants, cafes, and grocers to update their own listings with the names of their own farms and suppliers, which will help keep the info displayed in Greenease fresh and relevant.