Watch Chimps Enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast

Everyone should get to enjoy Thanksgiving with a belly full of delicious food!

That's why Project Chimps, an organization we've written about before, put together a one-of-a-kind feast for the primates at the sanctuary.

The project currently house 79 chimpanzees in their facility in north Georgia, all of whom were used as research chimps in the past.

Project Chimps provides these chimpanzees a safe and loving retirement home. After the United States stopped federally funded research using chimps, Project Chimps stepped in to make these sure these animals get the enriched life they deserve.

On Thanksgiving, that came in the form of a plant-based feast with many of the familiar side dishes we put on our own tables this time of year. Tofurky donated the roasts for the chimps to enjoy.

You can see in the video just how happy the chimps were to get the special meal, making this one memorable "Chimpsgiving."

Now with a forever home at Project Chimps, these chimpanzees will never be poked and prodded again. However, nearly 130 other chimps are still waiting in the lab until additional habitats can be built.

Consider donating to Project Chimps for Giving Tuesday!