ZPowerpac Portable Fuel Cell Chargers - The Next Big Thing?


Screenshot of Power Air's Fuel Recycling Chart

Looks like the Medis 24/7 Power Pack will have a competitor. Power Air has just announced that they’re set to let loose their Zpowerpack portable fuel cell chargers for hand held gadgets.According to the company, their Zpowerpack7 can provide up to 1500 charges depending on what kind of device you’re charging, and the Zpowerpack13 can provide as many as 2500. Along with the fuel cell charger, a consumer gets an AC adapter, and USB charging cable, and connector tips for a variety of devices.

Here is some of the geek speak for how it works:

The ZAFC is a metal oxide fuel cell using relatively simple physical chemistry. It uses a combination of atmospheric oxygen and zinc pellets in a liquid alkaline electrolyte to generate electricity with by products of zinc oxide and potassium zincates. In operation, the fuel cell consumes all of the zinc; and is operationally quiet, providing instantaneous stable electrical energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The ZAFC single unit consists of an overlying hopper connected by conduits to an electrochemical cell. Electrolyte is flowed upwards through the patented cell design to remove waste heat and reaction by-products. The hoppers may be refueled by flowing a slurry of zinc particles and electrolyte in channels above the cells.

There is an interesting element of sustainability to this product, in that they claim you can recycle the used zinc fuel so there is no waste issue. They also claim significant advantages over batteries, Hydrogen PEM fuel cells and internal combustion engines. Well, these are some really broad claims that beg a lot of questions.

So, we’re still highly skeptical of the product - especially about that claim of 1500 or 2500 charges....what exactly is that based on? - and have a lot of digging to do before we let them get away with sporting any green credentials. Luckily, they’ll be at the Consumer Electronics Show with this new product, so we’ll find out more.

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