Zero Carbon Hot Rock Energy for Tasmania. Maybe.


The Australian island state of Tasmania might have its own 5 megawatt ‘hot rock’ geothermal power station with the next five years, if the plans by new energy company KUTh Energy come to fruition. This zero carbon emission technology pumps water 3 to 5 kilometres underground where is t is heated by 'hot rocks' in the earth’s core. Rising to the surface now as steam the water drives turbines to generate electricity, before being sent below for another cycle.KUTh Energy join a growing band of energy companies looking to exploit this form of 'Enhanced Geothermal Power' (EGP). Aussie Hot Rocks notes that there are now eight such enterprises embarked on a mission to make the concept viable for delivery to the Australian electricity grid.

Apparently KUTh have the largest geothermal exploration lease in Australia, which on a map looks roughly like a third of the state. They plan to spend up to $4 million AUD on exploration over the next few years. If they find an appropriate site it will cost another $35 million to commission a power station that would support the energy needs of about 5,000 people.

And although it's early days they are hopeful that can ultimately produce 200 megawatts of power in the state. (They are also looking for leases in the northern state of Queensland.) ::KUTh Energy, via The Mercury.

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Image found at Research Institute for Sustainable Energy

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