You Can Plan New York's Energy Future with Gotham Gazette's Switch


Image credit: Celia Johnson, Ya-Hsuan Huang/Gotham Gazette

In the wake of Climate Week, with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg painting roofs white, one thing is clear: Energy is on the mind of New Yorkers.

Looking to capitalize on this moment of interest, the Gotham Gazette has created a game to teach people about energy-saving initiatives under consideration in the Big Apple.Switch challenges you to match various plans for clean energy and energy conservation. It tests your memory and provides a quick and fun way to learn about these projects.

The matching, however, is only part of the fun. The best part of the game is that it allows you to choose whether the city should adopt various methods of energy production or conservation. The goal is to account for the estimated 22 million additional megawatt hours annually New York City will need by 2030. As the game's tagline says, you must:

Light up New York City's electric grid by deciding how the city should conserve or produce energy.

Create a plan for New York's energy future and the game will tell you how your choices stack up against the city's need.

So what will it be? Will you build solar-powered apartments or a new nuclear power plant? Will you implement a greener building code or install LED streetlamps?

With Switch, the choice is yours.

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