Xerocoat Invisible Coating That Makes Solar Panels 3-5% More Efficient

xerocoat light transmission plot image

Reflective transmission increase as a function of incident light angle. Image credit:Xerocoat

Workers at XeroCoat certainly have a visible effect on the company's bottom line; and Xerocoat's product, a coating applied to fully assembled solar panels, benefits the customer's electricity bill. But Xerocoat, which makes solar panels 3% to 5% more efficient, is invisible to both the workers and the company's customers. Good thing the US Department of Energy could see the benefits.From the press release:

XeroCoat, Inc.... announced that the United States Department of Energy (US DOE) has awarded the company a grant for a $2.96 million project to develop a method for applying its patented anti-reflective (AR) coating technology directly onto assembled photovoltaic (PV) solar modules...XeroCoat's unique anti-reflective coating technology is applied at room temperature and pressure, thus lending itself to deposition on thin film solar modules that have been through the processing and lamination steps and, thereby, avoiding damage to the coating.

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