World's Largest Wind Farm (781.5 MW) Completed in Texas by E.ON Renewables

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photo: Chrishna via flickr.

Living up to its bigger is better (for better and worse) reputation, Texas can now boast having the world's current largest wind farm. E.ON Climate & Renewables has announced the completion of the 781.5 MW Roscoe wind complex, which is expected to generate enough power for more than 230,000 average homes: Sticking with the bigger is better theme: E.ON boasts that the completion of the Roscoe wind farm took an expenditure of more than $1 billion, negotiations with more than 300 individual landowners and management of 500 workers. Not only that but the completed farm now covers 100,000 acres of land in four counties -- an area E.ON reminds us is several times the area of Manhattan.

E.ON Now Has 1.5 GW of Wind Power in the US
Frank Mastiaux, CEO of E.ON Climate & Renewables touted the company's progress in expanding it's wind portfolio,

The completion of Roscoe is a major success for our team and another milestone in the development of renewables in our power generation portfolio. In just under two years we have increased our wind park capacities worldwide to 2,600MW, with over half of that total 1,500 MW in the United States.

Oh, and Construction's Begun on the London Array...
Though it's still a couple years from coming online, E.ON also touted the fact that it has (finally!!!) begun construction on the London Array offshore wind farm, the first 630 MW phase of which alone will make it the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

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