World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm (300 MW) is Inaugurated Off England's Coast

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Photo: Vattenfall
Thanet Offshore Wind Farm
You never know with big, expensive and technically difficult project. They have a thousand ways to die, from cost overruns to changing market conditions to insurmountable technical problems. Two years ago, Matt wrote about Vattenfall's plans to build a huge wind farm off the South-East coast of England, and today, I'm very happy to see that the completed Thanet offshore wind farm is ready to go. The £880 million (about $1.4 billion) Thanet project has a hundred 3MW Vestas V90 turbines and is currently the world's largest offshore wind farm.Technical Details on the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm
This project is currently rated at 300 MW, which makes it the biggest offshore wind farm, but not the biggest wind farm in general (Europe's largest onshore wind farm is rated at 539 MW). But it is important to look at what the wind farms actually produce; the wind tends to blow more steadily and more strongly at sea, so a wind farm with a smaller capacity rating could actually produce more kilowatt-hours of electricity.

  • The Thanet Wind Farm is located in water depths of 20-25 meters and cover an area of 35 km2 which is equal to 4,000 football fields;
  • Each turbine is up to 115 meters tall at its highest point, with a minimum clearance above sea level of 22 meters;
  • The nearest turbine is located approximately 12 km northeast of Foreness Point;
  • Thanet Wind Farm consists of 100 Vestas V90 wind turbines;
  • The distance between the turbines is approximately 500 meters along rows and 800 meters between rows;
  • The total investment for the Thanet Wind Farm is around £880 million.

Let's hope that there are no mafia ties...

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