World's Largest Biodiesel Plant To Be Built in Iowa

The very large, soon-to-be-built Iowa plant (two 100,000 square-foot buildings [almost 20,000 square meters]) will use soybeans from local farmers and produce 37.5 million gallons of biodiesel per year. Politicians from the region have been falling over each other to praise the project, calling it good for agriculture, good for US national security, good for jobs and the economy, etc. "The cost of biodiesel is still higher than regular diesel. In almost every area, biodiesel outperforms regular diesel. So, it's been strictly a cost issue," Iowa Energy Center spokesman Norm Olson said. Demand for biodiesel has been higher than the supply for a while, so the new plant won't have much trouble finding buyers, especially since by the time it's operational the price of oil will almost certainly be higher than it is now.

::Work to begin on massive biodiesel plant in northern Iowa, ::Biodiesel plant plans on track