World's first 1+GW offshore wind farm confirmed

Offshore wind power
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When I moved from the United Kingdom to the United States in 2006, offshore wind just wasn't a thing in Britain. Now, the UK has more offshore wind capacity than all other countries combined.

That capacity is going to grow some more too.

Business Green reports that DONG Energy has announced it's moving ahead with Hornsea Project One, a project that's slated to be the largest offshore windfarm in the world, and the first with over 1GW of nameplate capacity. But that's not all. While Project One will be online by 2020, DONG also has rights to develop the imaginatively titled Project Two and Project Three at Hornsea, which together will bring an additional 3GW of capacity online.

Offshore wind is truly going mainstream, and this is using existing 7MW wind turbines. Some researchers are speculating, however, that we may soon have gigantic offshore turbines with up to 50MW of capacity each.

Something tells me that Hornsea Project One won't be the biggest farm for long.

World's first 1+GW offshore wind farm confirmed
DONG Energy just announced that they will move ahead with building the world's largest wind farm. And this thing is huge!

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