World's Largest Pitched Thin-Film Solar Roof Begins Operation

world's largest thin-film solar roof photo

Riedel Recycling's new thin-film solar roof, photo: Solar Buzz

It's not often that I literally let out a 'Wow!' when I see a new example of renewable energy technology, but when I first saw the above photo I was uncontrollably impressed. What you're looking at is over 11,000 thin-film solar modules from First Solar, with a total capacity of 837 kW, covering the roof of a Riedel Recycling facility in Moers, Germany.

OK, so objectively 837 kW isn't a lot of power, but still... Wow, that thing is cool looking. Here are some less-gushing details:Covering 9,500 square meters of south-facing roof took three months of work at heights of up to 30 meters, and angles between 36.55 and 75 degrees. According to Riedel managing director Ludger Riedel, thin-film was chosen because the, "modules are a good choice at our latitudes because they also deliver good yields despite weaker solar radiation."

No word on how much of the facility's electrical requirements will be supplied by the solar roof.

More at: Solar Buzz (via tipser Wes Aull).

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