World's First Wind & Solar Powered Antarctic Research Station Officially Opened

princess elisabeth research station finished photo

In Antarctica on Sunday the world's first "zero emission research station" was officially opened: The Princess Elisabeth Antarctica. Commissioned in 2004 by the Belgian government, the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica (sounds like a hotel, doesn't it?) will allow 20 scientists to carry out research on climate change, and, apart from getting down there, not contribute to it while doing that research:The whole base is powered through renewable energy sources: Eight small-scale wind turbines, as well as solar panels provide all the electricity; solar thermal technology melts snow to provide water. Currently, this is the only polar research station entirely powered through renewable energy, most bases being powered by diesel generators.

antarctic wind turbines photo

princess elisabeth research station photo

tibetan prayer flags antarctica photo

More: Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, International Polar Foundation
photos: R.Robert/International Polar Foundation

via: Cleantech
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