Windspire Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Wins PopSci Award, Maker Opens New Factory

windspire wind turbine photo

photo: Mariah Power
Mariah Power's Windspire vertical axis wind turbine has caught our eye a number of times: Not only is it a break from traditional wind turbine design, but at $5000 you may be able to actual afford to put one in your backyard. But don't just take it from TreeHugger that the Windspire is cool. Popular Science just rated the Windspire as one of the magazine's "Best of What's New '08". This comes on the heels of two other bits of good news for the Reno, Nevada-based company:First Multi-Unit Commercial Installation + New Factory
Mariah Power's first high-volume manufacturing facility in Manistee, Michigan is expected to be opening in early 2009. Over the next three years the factory will create about 141 new jobs. No word on what exactly "high-volume" means in terms of how many Windspires are expected to be rolling off the assembly line.

In the past month the company also announced that it had completed its first multi-unit commercial installation of six Windspires at Devon Bank, in Wheeling, Illinois. Together with the bank's existing solar panels, this particular branch of Devon Bank will be generating 40% of its own electricity.

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