Windmill Sailboat: Sailing Against the Wind

Someone was thinking outside of the box on this one. The 36 foot catamaran, Revelation II, is powered by 3 20-foot long carbon fiber propellers on a 30 foot rotating mast. The windmill transmits power to a 6 blade propeller underwater, with the net result that the boat can make way even directly into the wind. Right now, you are either astonished, thinking "Why didn't we think of that before?", or your head is spinning with reasons why these boats are not currently plying the seas in great numbers. For instance, how well could such a thing possibly go into the wind if wind and water drag are offset by the forward propulsion generated? Or "who photo-shopped that windmill onto that catamaran?", for the real cynics. But it seems like there is evidence that the wind turbine concept really functions, and even some rather grainy video proof. If you want to evaluate some examples of the math for the proposition yourself (or just learn how a great forum can break down when we don't treat each other with respect), see the comments at Sailing against the wind. If you are leaning towards the photo-fixing theory, check out the Revelation II from another viewpoint at the Multihull Centre.Via ::HUGG

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