Wind Turbine Noise May Annoy But Causes No Serious Health Problems, New Study Says

wind turbines photo

photo: Penny Higgins/CC BY SA

This is perhaps not the final word on so-called wind turbine syndrome, but it is one of them. New research published in Environmental Research Letters looked into the effect of low frequency noise from wind turbines on people living near wind power projects.

The study found that while some people are indeed annoyed by the sound, and some level of sleep disturbance was found, but it did not find empirical support for claims of more serious health problems.From the report's conclusion:

LFN from modern wind turbines are audible at typical levels in residential settings, but the levels do not exceed levels from other common noise sources, such as road traffic noise. ... It has been found that 10-20% of residents are annoyed, and about 6% are very annoyed by wind turbine noise at levels between 5 and 40 dB. ... Except for noise annoyance, no consistent effects on health due to wind turbine noise have been reported. However, a statistically significant association between wind turbine noise and self-reported sleep disturbance was found in two studies.

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