Wind-Powered Drive-in Movie Theater - World's First?

wind powered cinema photo

Image credit: Angel Wind Energy
Wind-Powered Movies at the Drive-In
The movie industry has finally caught on to climate change and sustainability- from The Age of Stupid to An Inconvenient Truth, we are now not short of movies that set out the dire environmental straits we find ourselves in. Movie makers have also been going green on the production front - exploring carbon offsets and green energy to lessen their impact. But what about places to watch these movies? We've finally heard about a movie theater adopting green energy - and it's not in California.
The Harvest Moon Drive-In Theater in Gibson City, Illinois is claiming to be the 'world's first wind-powered movie theater':

The Harvest Moon Twin Drive-in Theater takes to the forefront in new technologies by installing two residential wind turbines at the theater. The turbines, a Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7 and a Mariah Power Windspire will provide the theater with approximately 30% of its energy needs this season and the possibility of 100% by the 2010 season. Both turbines sit in the front acreage of the drive-in theatre in perfect view of route 47 just outside the Gibson City limits. With this installation, the theater will be the first movie theater in the world to use wind power as an energy source.

The installation was carried out by Angel Wind Energy. Now if the Harvest Moon Drive-In could just set up some special facilities for cyclist, it'd be on a roll to 100% sustainability. Still, it's awesome to see that green energy is making sense for small businesses like this.

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