Wind Power Produces 123% of Residential Energy Demand in Rock Port, Missouri

suzlon wind power turbine photo
That's not a typo in the headline. The meters are running backwards and they're exporting the 23% extra.

Rock Port, Missouri, is a small city of 1,300 people, and they just made history by being the first city in the US to be 100% powered by the wind, also making them #1 in the US for percentage of renewable energy. The Loess Hills Wind Farm, built by the Wind Capital Group, employing 500 workers from 20 states for about a year, is expected to produce about 16 million kilowatt hours annually, while Rock Port only uses 13 million. The excess wind power will be sold to other communities in the area.Tom Carnahan, president of Wind Capital Group, said:

By generating enough clean, renewable electricity to meet all of Rock Port's energy needs while also generating additional revenue for their tax base, the Loess Hills facility is a shining example of the benefits of wind energy development.

suzlon wind power turbine photo

The small wind farm is composed of four Suzlon S-64 turbines, with 90-foot blades, positioned atop 250-foot-tall towers.

To celebrate the historic moment, citizens of Rock Port were invited to a "Green Switch" celebration on April 18th (we couldn't be there unfortunately, so we don't know how it went or if it was any fun) to mark the advent of residential wind power in their lives.

Congrats, Rock Port. Rock on!

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