Wind Power Passes 100 Gigawatt in EU

An important milestone (kilometer-marker?) has been passed in the European Union: The European Wind Energy Association reports that there is now over 100 gigawatts of wind power installed.

EWEA points out the increasing rate of growth of wind power in the EU, noting that it took twenty years for the first 10 GW to be installed, but over the subsequent 13 years 90 GW was installed.

Making the usual sort of comparisons, EWEA says that 100 GW of wind power produces a similar amount of electricity as 62 coal power plants, 52 gas power plants, or 39 nuclear power plants.

As for the increasing amount of wind power, up through 2011, EWEA shares the chart below:

european union wind power growth chart© EWEA

Wind Power Passes 100 Gigawatt in EU
It took a decade to install the first 10 gigawatts, but just thirteen years to install the next 90 gigawatts.

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