Wind Power Is Getting Bigger All The Time: 2,000 MW Project Planned For North Dakota

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Developers of a proposed Hartland North Dakota-area wind farm have in mind a 2,000-MW capacity project, covering parts of three northwestern North Dakota counties. If construction is approved, the $4 billion project would result in 1,333 wind towers spread over 720 square miles. Completion date target is fall of 2010.

The Hartland wind farm, as proposed, would be half as large as the one T. Boone Pickens has planned for West Texas. Next thing you know...politicians everywhere won't know who to be beholden to. 'Coal, oil, wind, solar?'

Via:Power Engineering, Proposed ND wind power farm one of world's largestCoverage of this story in North Dakota papers adds some detail:

Its territory is bordered by Canada to the north, the Des Lacs River to the east, U.S. Highway 2 to the south and the western border of Burke and Mountrail counties, Public Service Commission filings say.
Via:Bismark Tribune, Proposed N.D. wind farm one of world's largest
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Based on comments left on North Dakota news sites, there is opposition to the project based on the risk of 'ruining North Dakota's landscapes' with turbines and power lines. Looking at the photos here, you can see the romance of the land and appreciate that sentiment.

Ever wonder, though, why North Dakotan's don't just push for skipping the high tension wires to Minneapolis and Chicago and instead seek to pull the jobs to where the green electricity is? A contributing factor might be that North Dakota was recently rated as having the lowest unemployment rate of all USA States (2.8%) versus Michigan with the highest (8.5%) unemployment rate. Via:CNN, Unemployment by state. Having plenty of jobs, however, would seem to be neutralized by the fact the personal and household income are in the lower quartile ranking of all US States. Via:Wikipedia

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