Wind Power Doesn't Get a Break


We were taking an unusual route to the Head Office of our day job last week, when we had to stop to take a picture. We thought wow, could anyone think this is worse than an industrial pig barn or a chicken factory? Is this possibly generating enough income for the farmer to let him or her keep growing the food we need locally? Is this not an awe-inspiring sight, demonstrating how the best of technology can solve our energy supply problems with elegance?

Clearly not, for the Phase II of the Melancthon Wind Project (my poor picture above) is delayed for "community requests for a higher-level scrutiny of the project". Like so many other NIMBY's, they would prefer nukes or coal plants somewhere else rather than a change in the view from their hot tub. Tyler Hamilton points out in the Star, "The government....better figure out a way of streamlining approvals before private investors walk away out of frustration. Until that happens, this "up and coming" market will never rise to its full potential." ::The Star