Wind Power coming to Lake Ontario


Ontario's bucolic Prince Edward County is primarily a large island in Lake Ontario, settled by United Empire Loyalists running from the American Revolution and in a world of its own for much of the time since. Lately it has been discovered and has become trendy, with cheese factories, wineries, huge runups in real estate prices, turning into a Canadian Cape Cod. Thus we shuddered when we read about 142 turbines being installed there- will this be another Cape Wind disaster, with all the new second home types (half of them lawyers) ganging up to protest the project? Fortunately the Trillium Power Corporation has thought about this. "If you look out on the horizon, you'll barely see anything on the clearest day," said Trillium President John Kourtoff. They have also worried about fish habitats and bird flightpaths and declare it clean. We look forward to 700 megawatts of clean power soon. ::Tyler Hamilton in the Star and ::Renewable Energy Access