Wind Power Becoming Cheaper Than Conventional Power


A newly published report from the Earth Policy Institute says that wind power is now cheaper than conventional sources in at least two areas: Austin, Texas and Colorado. The report also says that this trend is will likely be seen in other parts of the U.S. It was during the fall of 2005 that climbing natural gas prices pulled conventional electricity costs above those of wind-generated electricity. Austin Energy, the publicly owned utility in Austin, Texas, buys wind-generated electricity under 10-year, fixed-price contracts and passes this stable price on to its GreenChoice subscribers. This fixed-price energy product is quite attractive to Austin’s 388 corporate GreenChoice customers, including Advanced Micro Devices, Dell, IBM, Samsung, and 3M. Advanced Micro Devices expects to save $4 million over the next decade through this arrangement. School districts are also signing up. Round Rock School District, for example, projects 10-year savings to local taxpayers at $2 million. The full report can be found here.

:: Via The Energy Blog