Wind Power Alone Could Easily Meet All Humanity's Electricity Needs, and Then Some

Once again a report tells us how renewable energy alone can provide orders of magnitude more electricity than we currently use: Scientists writing in Nature Climate Change say that surface-level winds have the potential capacity for 400 terawatts of electricity, with 1800 terawatts possible if high-altitude winds are also tapped.

Compare that to the 18 terawatts currently used by all of humanity.

For those with slower math skills, wind power alone has the potential to generate just over 22 times the power we currently use, 100 times that if we develop technology to tap into high altitude winds.

Report author Ken Caldeira hits another repeated theme:

Looking at the big picture, it is more likely that economic, technology or political factors will determine the growth of wind power around the world, rather than geophysical limitations. (Science Daily)

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