Wind Kids Science Experiment Turns Into 200 MW Wind Farm

Curious high school science teacher, Andy Swapp, of Milford, Utah wondered just how well a wind turbine might work in Milford. Given that he has a fresh supply of eager (well, at least some of them) minds, he decided to involve his kids in the experiment. What started as a simple hunch has now caught the eye of Fresh Wind and turned into a 200 MW wind farm for Milford. Andy Swapp and his students, known as the Wind Kids, installed an anemometer from the state of Utah on his property next to his barn simply to take measurements of the wind potential in the area. The initial goal was just to see if there was enough wind to allow Swapp to put up a wind turbine up on his property and power part of his farm. With the Wind Kids to help do the footwork, several wind companies took an interest in the experiment, and more particularly, in the results.

This 200MW installation, worth a quarter of a billion dollars, is also responsible for bringing jobs to Millford. Local business owners also noticed that their sales increased by almost three times thanks to all of the new faces coming to town for the wind farm. Not only did the Wind Kids bring wind to Milford, they also improved the local economy and brought the community together over wind. In addition, several of the students are now interested in continuing careers in renewable energy.

First Wind ultimately won the bid to install the wind farm and installations are currently underway. Just last month we reported that the first installation of this 203 MW wind farm was recently completed. Upon completion, this will be the largest in Utah, and it's all thanks to some curious students who call themselves the Wind Kids. :First Wind
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