Wind Farm Noise Complaints - Bunk, Not Bunk, A Bit of Both?

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We've covered the issue (or non-issue, depending on which side you're on) of wind farms causing health problems in people living nearby for some time--the whooshing sound is reportedly disruptive of sleep if you're constantly and closely exposed to it. But if you need an overview of sometimes so-called wind turbine syndrome, head over to Miller-McCune for a thorough take on it. While some environmentalists and wind power advocates seem to poo-poo the idea that there might be any possibility of wind turbines causing health problems, from what I've seen and read we shouldn't be so hasty--both in calling the concerns bunk and immediately accepting them on face value.

From the original linked above:

The noise issue will likely become more salient as the search for available land brings wind turbines closer to tranquil backyards. The Acoustic Ecology Institute, for instance, describes turbine noise issues as "the exception rather than the rule" except in rural areas with neighbors withing a half-mile of so.

In these case, often the best places for large-scale wind farms, it's rash to overlook these citing concerns.

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