Wind Energy Pioneer Answers Your Questions: Dale Vince in Guardian Q

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Image credit: Ecotricity

Yesterday's announcement that UK green energy pioneer Ecotricity will start selling biogas was just the latest in a long line of headlines from Dale Vince and his team. Say what you like about the man, but from attacking other green energy suppliers to launching a 'wind-powered' electric sports car (yes, some people object to his description), Mr Vince is not backwards about coming forward. Nor is he worried about ruffling a few feathers in the process. Heck, he's even made the UK's rich list building wind turbines. But now there's an opportunity to put your questions to the man himself. Being hosted as part of The Guardian's You Ask, They Answer series, the Q&A; with Ecotricity's Dale Vince will be running all week. So far, questions are coming hard and fast—from the embodied energy of a wind turbine (3 to 6 months), to the reasons that Ecotricity insists on attacking other green energy companies (because he thinks their business model is invalid), to holding Ecotricity accountable for the numbers they quote (view his answer direct for the summary of that one...).

Head on over to The Guardian to post your own questions for Mr Vince and Ecotricity. If the first day's answers are anything to go by, Dale is being his usual opinionated self:

sorry to hear you're with Good Energy, that's just costing you more than it needs (UK's most expensive supplier) to to get absolutely nothing built/done. Waste of your electricity bill....

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