William 'Who Harnessed the Wind' Kamkwamba on the Daily Show - What Animal is this Google? (Video)

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Apologies if you live someplace where this clip is blocked...

If you don't know who William Kamkwamba is by this point in the media blitz, you're not paying enough attention -- but if you have been under the proverbial rock recently let this Daily Show clip introduce you to this 22 year old Malwaian man who back in 2002 learned the rudiments of electricity and built a wind turbine from materials at hand, all of which is chronicled in his (and Bryan Mealer's) book "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind".

That said, the most telling part of this whole clip comes right at the end. And, yes, I'm spoiling it for you: Stewart asks Kamkwamba about whether the excess of material goods was a shock to him when he first went to someplace other than his famine-stricken Malawi.

Kamkwamba relates a story about how he first learned of the internet. I'll paraphrase: He's asked if he knows about Google. "I don't know what animal that is." (Howls of laughter from Stewart, the audience and Kamkwamba himself.) The new friend tells him about the internet and the uber-powerful search engine. "Well let's look up windmills." They pull up dozens upon dozens of articles about them. "Where was this Google all this time?" is the response....

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