Whole Foods- 100% Wind Powered for 2006

We noticed a few months back that Whole Foods stores were announcing wind power committments on a state-by-state basis. Here's the Colorado example. According to an item from Dow Jones, things are scaling up: "NEW YORK -- Natural foods grocery chain Whole Foods Market Inc. (WFMI) will announce plans Wednesday to become the largest buyer of wind energy credits in North America by purchasing credits equal to 100% of its projected energy use for 2006, USA Today reported Tuesday." We're not sure about the details; but, if the deal is really done this way, this is important news, and hopefully a harbinger of more to come. When a large, profitable, respected firm makes a move like this, and stockholders welcome it, a point is proven. Doing the right thing can be profitable.
===== Important Update =======
Under the cateory of Blog Beats Print Media, a commenter has directed us to the details about this project. TreeHugger suggests you check it out here.