Wave-Powered Data Center Floats Forward with Plans

wave power ocean photo

Photo via John Haslam

Looks like a datacenter powered by the tides isn't too far off from being a reality. No, it doesn't include floating an offshore datacenter - but it's still a cool idea.

Tidal turbine company Atlantis Resources Corporation has signed a development partnership with data center developer Internet Villages International (IVI). The duo plans to build an energy-efficient "Blue Data Center." It will be hooked up to Atlantis' planned tidal power arrays in the Pentland Firth of Scotland.

IVI, which describes itself as a sustainable property company specializing in energy-efficient data centers, is to build a data center requiring 150MW with the three turbine systems initially expected to provide 30MW of power. Should they prove successful, Atlantis hopes to gain planning permission for further tidal arrays that would not only allow all the energy needs of the data center to be met using tidal power, but also enable unused energy to be sold to the grid.

Sticking a solar array or urban turbines atop a datacenter roof might seem like a more universal way to hook up to renewable energy; however, at this point, any and all renewable power sources should be explored. Hooking up to the endless movement of the ocean is a great way to test out running a datacenter on renewables. Datacenters need to shift the entire way in which they operate, from efficiency to power sources, and this tidal project could be a great inspiration if it works well.

Via Greener Computing
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