Wave Power Update: Retrospective


Treehugger has been following wave power generation closely (see here, here, here, here or if you'r feeling up to it, just type 'wave' in the search). In recent news you might have heard that Oregon increasingly looks like it will be the first place in the U.S. to seriously go after this energy resource. I applaud the effort, and would like to take this chance to quickly run down a list of the steps taken by the industry leaders in the past year to harness the power of the wave.1. WaveEnergy AS from Norway received funding earlier this year to implement a full scale demonstration of their SSG wave energy converter. I think their design is ingenuous as it acts as a sea wall as well as an energy plant. While they are still in the research and development phase, their quick work from a model to full scale implementation demonstrates the possibilities of this company. I'm on my toes to see how this works out. Despite my e-mails they have not seen fit to inform me of their latest results.

2. Wavegen (makers of the Limpet) was bought by Voith Siemens Hydro soon after our review of Wave Power (were they reading th?). Since then they appear to working on building a "three megawatt wave energy plant in the Hebridean island of Lewis." As the pioneers of shore based wave energy, these guys and gals are already taking orders and making energy.

3. Ocean Power Technologies is all over the Oregon coast, again see our in depth posts (here and here), and I look forward to the debate on whether or not this particular technology is good or bad for the fish, ala the artificial reef it creates.

4. Ocean Power Delivery has some recent post space on Th as well. They have been moving in high gear. With a system in Portugal, and orders to fill, this innovative and distinctive design has shown it has staying power, and may start to chip away at those energy budgets.

5. Energetech has completed a full scale test of its technology at Port Kembla this past August. Everything appears to have gone off better then expected, and they plan to make it a permanent installation this year. This goes to show the aussie underdog has some serious teeth.

I have been excited to see all of the news and work from these companies we originally featured. All have seen increased interest from governments and industry, and there have been some exciting new ideas floating around in the wave/ocean energy world. I expect the momentum to continue. Keep tuned for more.::MSNBC