Waste to Electricity for the Army, Navy Goes Solar

TGER generator

US Army photo

Other than the (old) army uniforms, green isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the army or navy. Here are two examples of how the military sometimes tries to do the eco-correct thing, even if the motivation doesn't have anything to do with the environment:

New waste-to-energy generator tested in Baghdad
The army does love its acronyms: The Tactical Garbage to Energy Refinery or TGER (yes, pronounced 'tiger', grrrrr...) is a new 60 KW waste-to-energy generator currently being tested in Baghdad. Basically, mixed trash is thrown into the Tiger's maw, um, shoot. Wet and dry waste are separated, and the dry waste crushed and pelletized. These pellets are gasified for fueling the generator. To prevent overheating (a problem in earlier designs), the wet waste is converted into a form of ethanol, treated with enzymes to form hydrous ethanol, and then blended with the gas. By doing this output is increased and overheating prevented. Valdes says that the whole process runs at 90% efficiency.

The impetus behind the project is to solve two problems: army bases generate a lot of waste and the drivers who have to drive the truckloads of diesel fuel to these bases are easy targets for insurgents. Melodramatically, James Valdes, an army scientific advisor says, "We don't calculate the cost of fuel in dollars, we calculate it in blood."

Now if we could just channel all that hot air...

via :: CNET
Navy installs solar in Hawaii
The Pacific Business News is reporting that the Navy has installed solar photovoltaic systems for the housing in some of its Oahu bases. The pinnacle of this effort is the installation of 477 SunPower 225W panels on the roof of of the Halsey Terrace community center. The system is expected to generate 13,000 KW hours of electricity per month and will pay for itself within 16 years.

The developer of this project, Forest City Military Communities, is in the process of rebuilding approximately 3,200 houses for the Navy on Oahu and Kauai. How many of these houses will have PV systems installed is not known, but hopefully the community is a sign of things to come in military housing.

via :: Pacific Business News and :: EcoTech Daily
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