Warren Buffet Buys Two Wind Farms

A subsidiary of Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway just bought up two giant California wind farms. So Warren Buffet now owns two enormous wind farms in California. The Mercury News reports:

MidAmerican Energy has agreed to buy two wind projects under construction about 120 miles north of Los Angeles from the wind developer Terra-Gen Power.

The two projects, totaling 300 megawatts of peak electric capacity, will be part of the larger Alta Wind Energy Center located in Tehachapi, Calif., much of which is already in operation. MidAmerican, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., said Sunday it will sell the electricity to Southern California Edison under long-term power purchase agreements.
In typical conditions, the projects will produce enough electricity to meet the demand of about 80,000 homes.

Perhaps ol' Buffet was feeling bad about owning a bunch of dirty coal trains, and thought maybe bankrolling a couple wind farms would help balance the scales. Perhaps not — perhaps he was just trying to take advantage of the wind tax credit before it expires next year.

Either way, it's a start.

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