Want to Tour a Renewable Energy Site in Denmark? Interactive Energy Map Shows Where You Can Go

energymap.dk image

In amidst all the academic presentations and statements by high-profile politicians and climate change campaigners, there were a couple of booths set up displaying some interesting products. If you're like me and enjoy playing around with interactive maps and interested in energy issues, then EnergyMap should be right up your alley. While concentrating on Danish companies, it details projects in continental Europe (mostly Denmark), the UK, Turkey and China:

energymap.dk energy tours image

Renewable energy, energy efficiency, fossil fuel projects, climate adaptation projects, in addition to a few other project areas are all covered. For each project it lists the types of technology involved, who the developer is, and whether tours of the project site are available. Perhaps this is of only of limited use for the general consumer, but it really is a pretty cool research tool.

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