Voller Fuel Cell Battery Charger

We remember when the first cel phones came out, and they were either big Motorola bricks or you carried them in a bag. These days you can lose your iPod or celphone anywhere, but you still have to plug in for recharging. We suspect that the 20 pound briefcase-sized Voller Automatic Battery Charger is but the first of many devices that will solve this problem- it is a hydrogen powered Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell. It has USB, cigarette lighter and mains sockets, and can pump out 65 AC watts continously and can run an iPod for a week on a cylinder of hydrogen. Rock on! ::Engadget

UPDATE: we are going to lie down and let Warren ride over us with his bicycle three times in punishment for not noting that he wrote about the Voller at the Photoshop phase over a year ago.