Voller Energy's Portable Fuel Cell

These guys might have some interesting technology happening but they sure need marketing help. Selling to the military they refer to their product by the slightly snappy name of ‘Portapack’ but to you and me, as Joe Public, they want us to get excited about the: wait for it .... ‘VE100 V3’. Mmmm. Anyhow, if one can look pass this shortcoming, you might find your very own portable fuel cell. Yep, just stick your normal pinned plug appliance into this 9 kg (20 lb) triangle and you get a result equal to that of connecting to the grid. No toxic emissions, just water as the other output. Appears you simply plug little canisters of hydrogen into the side to juice it up. Tho' these are probably not yet available at your corner store! Can do European 230 volts or US 110 volts, and even 12v DC gadgets designed for car lighter sockets. Seems pretty cool but will leave it to our tech-head readers to ponder more deeply. Found via Gizmag. ::Voller Energy Group

The seductively named VE100 V3!